Burmese Youth Workshop Day

The Myanmar Project hosted the Burmese Youth Workshop Day on December 1, 2012. We wanted to introduce aspects of college life in the States to resettled Burmese refugee youths, and also to provide some advice on how they could work toward becoming college students themselves.

Burmese Youth Workshop Day Poster2

The event brought more than 25 students from the primarily Karen refugee community in Hartford, CT, to the Yale campus for a day of workshops and activities. We had a session on college applications, a cultural dance workshop by the Yale Jashan Bhangra Team, and a presentation on community service work by Yale Engineers Without Borders.



Sharing tips on college applications

Singing with Mixed Co.

Singing with Mixed Co.


Learning some structure-building tricks from Engineers Without Borders

Dancing Bhangra!

Dancing Bhangra!

A big thanks to the Alliance for Southeast Asian Students, the Afro-American Cultural Center, the Yale Jashan Bhangra Team, Mixed Company of Yale, Students for Proven Impact, and Yale Engineers Without Borders for joining us to make the event a huge success and making a difference in these students’ lives!

—Korn Lapprathana, Event Organizer


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