“Magnificent Myanmar” Exhibition This Week

This week, The Myanmar Project will be holding a gallery entitled “Magnificent Myanmar: The People and Places of Burma.” The exhibition will open October 30th at 8:00pm with a reception in Maya’s Room of Silliman College.

On Wednesday, November 5th  at 4:00 pm Burmese master storyteller Nell Murry will perform for the closing of the “Magnificent Myanmar” exhibition in Maya’s Room. Murry’s incredible background includes having little childhood education due to Japan’s invasion of Myanmar during World War II, being the first air hostess in Burma, and learning to write while winning several storytelling and writing awards when she came to America – at the age of 60! It will also be a great chance to check out the artwork and have some free snacks. We look forward to giving you a recap of the event later!

2 Responses to ““Magnificent Myanmar” Exhibition This Week”
  1. Tim Murry says:

    From Nell K. Murry – My story, one that I heard at my mother’s knee, is called “The Chin-they” or lion. It is one of the Jataka Tales that constitute a body of Indian literature about the Gautama Buddha, moral stories that encourage people to lead ethical lives. These tales date from about 300 BC to 400 AD.

  2. The story-telling event will take place at Yale, Silliman College (the residential college), 505 College Street, New Haven, CT, on November 5, at 4:00 p.m. There will be a Burmese exhibit, as well as food and drink for you to enjoy.

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