Our Team


Paul  Paul Styslinger
ES ’17
Interested in everything from Economics to East Asian Studies. Travelled to Burma a year ago and cannot wait to go back!

Abby Srivicharnkul
SY’ 17
As a native of Bangkok, Thailand, Abby’s super excited about all things TMP and Southeast Asia-related!
 Korn Korn Lapprathana
TD ’15
Global Affairs
Hailing from Bangkok, Thailand. Loves everything Southeast Asian!
 becca Becca Modiano
MC ’16
Global Affairs/Political Science
I’ve travelled throughout Burma, and want to be involved with the country and its people.
Edward Edward Han Myo Oo
MC ’15
Born and raised in Yangon! Hope to share Myanmar with fellow Yalies.
Eli Eli Rivkin
TC ’15
Global Affairs
Have traveled to Burma numerous times and have great hope for the people of Burma!
Jangai Jangai Jap
PC ’14
Judaic Studies & Political Science
Born in Burma, raised in Florida. Very hopeful that Burma will one day figure out how to make its ethnic diversity its strength.
Katie Katie Aragon
TD ’14
Ethnicity, Race & Migration
Trying to make sense of ethnicity, politics, education and ethics as they relate to Myanmar!
Sakshi Sakshi Kumar
DC ’16
Born in India and raised in Hong Kong — also highly fascinated by Myanmar!
Olga Olga Karnas
SM ’16
Polish, schooled in India, passionate about post-colonial history of Asia and of course Burma!

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